Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle

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LIMITED QUANTITY! Just 3 left as of 10/8/22. We don’t plan to have these potted again for the next few years

The crape myrtle is a wonderful species for bonsai and the landscape. A fast, strong grower with interesting, peeling bark and beautiful deep pink flowers. They respond well to heavy pruning at the right times of year and scar over well while young, making them an easy to develop into a refined tree. Grown from seed at Kaede Bonsai-en, these trees are well established in 2 1/4" containers.

Common Name(s): Crape Myrtle, Crepe Myrtle

Latin Name: Lagerstroemia indica

Type: Decidous broad-leaf

Native to: India, Southeast Asia, China, Korea, Japan

Climate: Hardy from Zones 6-9, but could likely be grown in colder climates with adequate winter protection.

Care: Crape myrtles are a very strong growing species. In order to promote back-budding, they can be chopped back hard in the summer. If you wish to keep them as a single-trunk specimen, make sure to cut back suckers as they appear.

Size: 8-12"

Notes: This is a deciduous tree and therefore will not have foliage during the winter.