Bald Cypress Bare Root-Large Size

Bald Cypress Bare Root-Large Size

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Common Name: Bald Cypress

Latin Name: Taxodium Distichum

Type: Deciduous Conifer

Care: zones 5-10 .Earthy soil they seem to thrive in. Very fast growing, plenty of water too. Plenty of sun as well. 

Size: 12-16 inches tall. Stocky thick trunks. These can be cut down to virtually any size during the warm season too create tree heights you’d prefer. We cut them down mid summer last growing season. 

We are offering two sizes of these. Small ones that one can still wire and twist at a young age. And, older ones with much thicker trunks. These are the larger ones. The difference between the smaller and these is one year of growth. These grow so fast. 

*these will come without leaves. 

*all bare root trees come without soil and pots. You’ll have to have those items on hand when your order arrives. 

*we process all orders quickly, most times within 24-48 hours.  Please  do not order and ask for your items to be held until spring. Also, keep an eye on your local weather as  we do not delay shipping based on your personal locations weather. 

*from January 27- February 18 orders will not be shipped due to Matt being in Japan for Kokufu. Feel free to order during those times as order will immediately begin being packed on February 19th.